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The importance of maintaining your digital security

Protecting your digital data is a key element to running a business today. It’s important to be vigilant and ensure that your software is up to date, with the latest security patches installed to protect from viruses and attacks.

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One example that underlines the importance of your digital security is the recent vulnerability that was identified in Microsoft Exchange servers. On 2 March 2021. Microsoft advised that they had detected that businesses with on-premise versions of Microsoft Exchange could potentially be accessed by hackers, providing access to email accounts and installation of additional malware.

While Microsoft quickly developed a patch to close this vulnerability, they are reporting that there has been a significant increase in attacks to unpatched systems.

What you can do

  1. If you are using Microsoft Exchange, make sure you and your IT team have subscribed to receive security notifications
  2. If you have on-premise Microsoft Exchange (this does not apply to cloud services like Office 365), ensure that you install the latest security patch as soon as possible.

If you are concerned that you may have potentially been compromised, you can have your IT team follow these instructions from Microsoft.

This is just one of the pillars in building a resilient and cybersecure business. The Australian Government has issued guides to help you learn more about protecting your business from cyber threats.